The Richter Scale of Finance

Romain/ juin 4, 2021/ Finance, Science/ 0 comments

In geology, Richter’s magnitude scale is a measure of the strength of earthquakes. Magnitudes are interesting metrics, as they exhibit nonlinear scale behavior. While magnitude 3 quakes would rarely cause damage, magnitude 9 events would lead to severe destruction around

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It’s the Complexity Stupid

Romain/ mars 3, 2021/ Finance, Science/ 0 comments

I have received interesting questions about concepts like econophysics and self-organized criticality. As I plan to dedicate a future article to that new discipline named “econophysics”, the focus of the present post will be set on complex systems, nonlinear dynamics

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#Books – Mysteries of Life

Romain/ décembre 10, 2020/ General, Science/ 0 comments

This time is different, as I make an exception with four books instead of three. I am passionate about life complexity and intelligence, and I believe that there are significant bridges between each of the topics exposed below. One could

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Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

Romain/ septembre 23, 2020/ Finance, Science/ 8 comments

Early July, I posted an article entitled It is All About Waves – Tech Stocks and The Log-Periodicity Power Law Singularity Model, explaining that for years physicists have worked on intriguing models designed to detect speculative financial bubbles and predict

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The Fed Put Narrative Era

Romain/ juillet 9, 2020/ Finance, Science/ 16 comments

For years, I have heard fund managers and economists claiming that “a financial crisis is unlikely as long as central banks intervene”. This postulate has been the foundation of the well-known “Fed put”. Stocks should only go up thanks to

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Never Bet Against Nature

Romain/ juin 19, 2020/ Finance, Science/ 2 comments

“We have control over when, how, and where to plant a seed. Not over what it will become”. Mokokoma Mokhonoana   There is nothing new here, but humankind has always suffered from anthropocentrism. If we refer to the Wikipedia page,

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Interstellar Overdrive

Romain/ avril 26, 2020/ Science/ 0 comments

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”Nikola Tesla Last December, I shared a great article published by Scientific American, dealing with the concept of information realism. According to physicist

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