Attack of the Clones – A Tech Bubble Story

Romain/ octobre 6, 2020/ Finance/ 0 comments

For two weeks, the chaotic structure of US capital markets has been dominated by clones. First, a clone of the well-known “rescue and pump” strategy by the Trump administration. Indeed, whenever the stock market faces the risk of an imminent

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Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

Romain/ septembre 23, 2020/ Finance, Swarm/ 0 comments

Early July, I posted an article entitled It is All About Waves – Tech Stocks and The Log-Periodicity Power Law Singularity Model, explaining that for years physicists have worked on intriguing models designed to detect speculative financial bubbles and predict

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Dear TINA, We Need to Talk

Romain/ septembre 16, 2020/ Finance/ 1 comments

“There is no alternative”. Those words have become one of the main pillars of the dominant narrative of Western equity markets. For years, interest rates have only gone south because of central banks’ ultra-accommodative policies. Thus, Wall Street loves to

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What If?

Romain/ septembre 14, 2020/ Finance/ 0 comments

I got it. The US stock market cannot drop because Donald trump does not want a crash before the election. Besides, the Fed will intervene if necessary, and ZIRP means that there is no alternative to stocks. Last but not

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Highway to Hell

Romain/ septembre 2, 2020/ Finance/ 0 comments

In March, Bill Ackman made a stunning comment on CNBC, when he said “hell is coming”. However, a few days after that, we learnt that Pershing Square had finally gone all-in on US recovery. Even if the degree of dishonesty

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The French Exception

Romain/ août 31, 2020/ Finance/ 0 comments

People might say that this blog is pessimistic. And it’s true that many posts are bearish. However, it is not a structural opinion. My tone is cautious because I believe that Western countries are ending a multi-decade’s economic cycle. And

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The End Has No End

Romain/ août 27, 2020/ Finance/ 0 comments

“It’s about a society on its way down. And as it falls, it keeps telling itself: ‘So far so good… So far so good… So far so good.’ It’s not how you fall that matters. It’s how you land.” La

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The Tech Summit Push

Romain/ juillet 21, 2020/ Finance/ 15 comments

In mountaineering, the death zone refers to altitudes above a certain point where the amount of oxygen is not sufficient to sustain human life for an extended life span. In finance, the death zone could be defined as euphoric market

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The Fed Put Narrative Era

Romain/ juillet 9, 2020/ Finance, Swarm/ 1 comments

For years, I have heard fund managers and economists claiming that “a financial crisis is unlikely as long as central banks intervene”. This postulate has been the foundation of the well-known “Fed put”. Stocks should only go up thanks to

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