Achtung Baby

Romain/ janvier 13, 2021/ Finance/ 1 comments

“What more can I do?” In 1990, this mere question asked by to David Evans (aka “The Edge”) to Larry Mullen Jr almost led to the split of U2, one the most famous rock bands of the past forty years.

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Welcome to Fabulous Wall Street

Romain/ novembre 26, 2020/ Finance/ 0 comments

A few days ago, Jim Cramer said: “It’s the most speculative market I’ve ever seen. You can’t lose in that market. It’s like a slot machine that always pays out. I’ve not seen this in my career.” And Jim is

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The Western Minority Report

Romain/ novembre 17, 2020/ Finance, General/ 15 comments

A few days ago, we learnt that Joe Biden and his team were considering Janet Yellen as a serious candidate for the next Secretary of the Treasury position. According to betting markets, Lael Brainard may be also well-positioned for the

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Attack of the Clones – A Tech Bubble Story

Romain/ octobre 6, 2020/ Finance/ 1 comments

For two weeks, the chaotic structure of US capital markets has been dominated by clones. First, a clone of the well-known “rescue and pump” strategy by the Trump administration. Indeed, whenever the stock market faces the risk of an imminent

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