The Economy Needs Higher Rates

Romain/ octobre 8, 2021/ Finance/ 0 comments

In a RealVision interview, Greenlight capital’s founder David Einhorn recently said: “I’m not in the transitory-inflation crowd. The private sector is allocating all the money to the fast-growing software, eating-the-world companies. It’s not allocating money to companies that actually make

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Dancing on Thin Ice

Romain/ août 26, 2021/ Finance/ 0 comments

Imagine a frozen lake and a thousand people on the banks. Let assume that they all know that seasonality is not great, but some of them are still willing to give a try. As nothing wrong happens to the first

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The Richter Scale of Finance

Romain/ juin 4, 2021/ Finance, Science/ 0 comments

In geology, Richter’s magnitude scale is a measure of the strength of earthquakes. Magnitudes are interesting metrics, as they exhibit nonlinear scale behavior. While magnitude 3 quakes would rarely cause damage, magnitude 9 events would lead to severe destruction around

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The End of Western Globalia?

Romain/ mai 11, 2021/ Finance/ 2 comments

Since the 1970’s, international trade has continuously been promoted by leaders of developed countries and economic agents. Several theoretical frameworks have been put forward to explain the benefits of a free trade environment, from Adam Smith’s concept of absolute advantages

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Whale Beaching

Romain/ mars 25, 2021/ Finance/ 1 comments

It has been a long time since I wrote my last piece about the market. And as I am not a specialist of the bond market, I will stick to the equities and the “stocks only go up” narrative. One

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It’s the Complexity Stupid

Romain/ mars 3, 2021/ Finance, Science/ 0 comments

I have received interesting questions about concepts like econophysics and self-organized criticality. As I plan to dedicate a future article to that new discipline named “econophysics”, the focus of the present post will be set on complex systems, nonlinear dynamics

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Ready Player One

Romain/ janvier 27, 2021/ Finance/ 0 comments

The past five days have been unique as we have seen something that no one would have imagined before. A mob of retail traders (aka “WallStreetBets”), interacting on social media platforms like Reddit, and willing to “exterminate” hedge funds by

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