#Books – No Death on the Horizon

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The next big project (or dream) of Silicon Valley is immortality. Or at least, amortality. While many people claim that problems lie ahead because of decades of global warming and species extinction due to human activity, transhumanists are focusing on the death of death. A topic that has been addressed many times in Literature.  

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley  

Probably the most famous name when it comes to transhumanism. Nevertheless, many people tend to confuse Viktor Frankenstein with his hand-made creature. The most interesting aspects of this novel are all the powerful monologues that would be perfect for a theater play adaptation. Beyond Frankenstein’s profound remorse, his creature’s complaints are the cry of all of humanity, as essential questions of life remain unanswered. Definitely more than a horror or Sci-Fi novel.  

Pet Sematary – Stephen King  

I have already written that Stephen King is a moralist. From that perspective, Pet Sematary is a masterpiece and probably one the darkest stories ever written by King. What could be worst than loosing a child? What would you do to reverse time and bring back to life people you love? Would you dare to use the power the almighty Wendigo like Louis Creed? The consequences might be worse than you could possibly imagine. Because we can’t always fight nature.  

Ubik – Philip K. Dick  

Philip Dick is a reference for every Sci-Fi reader, and Ubik is one his best novels in my opinion. By the year 1992, humanity has colonized the Moon and psychic powers are common. Joe Chip works in a company that maintains dying people in a state of half-life in order to communicate with them. Ubik is a novel which gets you upside down. A must read and a clear source of inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s Inception movie. worse

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