Fintech: The Rise of Super Apps

Romain/ septembre 18, 2020/ Tech/ 0 comments

I have published several posts with a cautious view on the Nasdaq given record valuations and excessive speculation on the stock market. However, it does not change the structural story and my positive long-term opinion on technology. But timing is

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Ground Control to Major Musk

Romain/ juin 12, 2020/ Finance, Tech/ 1 comments

While there have been passionate debates about Tesla’s valuation during the past quarters, an unlikely company named Nikola has recently caught the attention of the financial industry. Especially because of Robinhood traders who seem to compete everyday for the craziest

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Blockchain, the Silent Revolution

Romain/ mai 5, 2020/ Tech/ 2 comments

In 2016, I founded a project called myMoneez. It was a very ambitious idea: create a digital coin that would be fully backed by physical gold bars and that would be processed on Ethereum blockchain network. The objective was to

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Cryptofuel Rather Than Cryptocurrency

Romain/ avril 26, 2020/ Tech/ 0 comments

Crypto market has turned into a nightmare. While it almost reached $20,000 one year ago, bitcoin has lost 80% of its value in the past 12 months. What has gone wrong? In my opinion, there has been a dramatic confusion

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