Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Romain/ septembre 30, 2020/ General/ 0 comments

We live in fascinating times. A significant portion of the world population has been laid off because of the pandemic and recently 30 million of Americans did not have enough food to eat. Community tensions are rising everywhere and somehow

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#Books – Hello Freedom

Romain/ septembre 10, 2020/ General/ 1 comments

“Ever since the French Revolution, people throughout the world have gradually come to see both equality and individual freedom as fundamental values. Yet the two values contradict each other. Equality can be ensured only by curtailing the freedoms of those

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#Books – No Death on the Horizon

Romain/ août 24, 2020/ General/ 0 comments

The next big project (or dream) of Silicon Valley is immortality. Or at least, amortality. While many people claim that problems lie ahead because of decades of global warming and species extinction due to human activity, transhumanists are focusing on

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#Books – Wolfe Street

Romain/ juillet 29, 2020/ General, Non classé/ 0 comments

This will be the last post on this Blog before a short summer break. This week is about Wall Street. It has inspired so many brilliant books, movies, and web television series, that it was hard to make a short

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#Books – United States of Dystopia

Romain/ juillet 23, 2020/ General/ 0 comments

Dystopia is my favorite subgenre of science-fiction. Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, scientific progress, technological breakthroughs, and new ideologies, have catalyzed fears of the future. As Yuval Noah Harari wrote in Sapiens, “when we break down our

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#Books – Consumer Madness

Romain/ juillet 17, 2020/ General/ 0 comments

Summer is a great time for reading. Especially when people are advised to stay at home. I have decided to share a list of great books that deal with modern topics such as consumerism, the rise of technology, and the

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Is It Really the End of Capitalism?

Romain/ mai 27, 2020/ Finance, General/ 0 comments

In April, the Federal Reserve made a stunning announcement, saying that they would start to buy high yield ETFs. Many commentators reacted to Fed’s decision claiming that “capitalism is dead”. This is actually a very interesting debate. Is capitalism on

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Lord of the Flies

Romain/ avril 26, 2020/ General/ 0 comments

My old man used to say: “Every person on earth should have the right to vote in the US presidential election. Everyone is impacted by the result of this election.” There is no doubt that the 59th election would have

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Reverse Black Swan?

Romain/ avril 26, 2020/ Finance, General/ 0 comments

« Kids are playing on an escalator, walking up in the wrong direction. If they stop to walk, they go downstairs. If they keep on walking, they remain in a stationary position. If they climb faster, they go upstairs. » According to

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